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A Little Box of Love Notes

Llittle Love Notes...The modern way to be romantic :)  


Each pack comes with 40 cards, each one contains a caption and an illustration.  All of the captions are food puns and they are a mix of cute, funny and rude - contains adult humour! 


Little Love Notes can be used in soooo many can leave them around the house for your partner to find, hide them in thier laptops / ipads, in wallets or pockets, leave them in cars or with their morning coffee.    


Here are some examples of the Little Notes (although these will make way more sense when accompanied by the illustration of the food): 


- Let's get figgy with it tonight (with an image of a fig)

- I only have fries for you (with an image of fries)

- We're mint to be together (you guessed it, mint leaves)

- You want a piece of me? (cake image)

- I want you on top of me (Avocado and toast)

- You are a hot pizza ass (yesssss, with a slice of pizza)

- Sending you some positivi-tea (with a very happy cup of tea)


...and so on and so on! 



A Little Box of Love Notes

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