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Cleaning Thought Bubbles - Monochrome

Cleaning is the new going out, right? 


If you are someone you know is cleaning obsessed then you need this box of Thought Bubbles in your life! 25 captions all created to capture what you're REALLY thinking when cleaning your house.


Thought Bubbles can be used for flat lays, social media photos, to capture your fabulously clean house and for selfies. 


Here's an example of some of the captions:


  • Cleaning is the new going out 
  • Excuse the mess, but we live here 
  • This is my Narnia
  • OMG this smells amazing!!
  • Organising like a Boss! 
  • It's a Spring clean kinda day


...and many more!!


Product Specifications


  • 25 bubbles per pack 
  • Each pack comes in a white printed box
  • Available in pastel or monochrome 
  • Printed on to 350gm silk card

Cleaning Thought Bubbles - Monochrome

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