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Small Business Gift box

This is the one for all of you small business owners out there.... 


Perfect for your own business and to give yourself or treat or ideal to send to a small business pal to let them know they are doing amzing things or even to celebrate a business birthday - which is TOTALLY a thing! :) 


This box is a BIG one and it's fully loaded with:

⚡️ Small Business Thought Bubbles
⚡️ Little Black toolkit book
⚡️ Slabb star milk chocolate lollipop
⚡️ 'You Got This' pencil
⚡️ 'You’re Doing Great' enamel pin
⚡️ Shop Small Washi Tape
⚡️ 'I Can Do This' Postcard


Each box comes with shredded tissue paper and wrapped in colourful patterned paper.


If you would like to include a handrwitten message with your box simply fill out the text box and we will do this for you. 

Small Business Gift box