Small Business Thought Bubbles - Monochrome

40 monochrome coloured Thought Bubbles to capture what you're REALLY thinking whilst running a small business. 


We all need a helping hand creating social media content for our businesses... here it is!   This box is jam packed with captions to add some fun, banter and photo opportunities to every day work life. 


Here's an example of some of the captions:


  • Did I just become an entrepreneur? 
  • Office vibes 
  • I am fuelled by coffee, tea, wine, gin (all of the above)
  • Start a business they said: it will be fun they said
  • It's all totally worth it (I think)
  • I can't think of an Instagram caption!!
  • Creativity takes courage 
  • When you support a small business, an actual person does a happy dance


...and many more!!


Product Specifications


  • 20 bubbles per pack / double-sided printing
  • 40 captions per pack 
  • Each pack comes in a white printed box
  • Available in pastel or monochrome
  • Printed on to 350gm silk card

Small Business Thought Bubbles - Monochrome