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Teenager Thought Bubble Milestone Cards

Shout out to all parents of Teenagers!! Are you ok? :-)


No seriously, are you ok??? If you need some help getting messages across to your Teens then grab yourself a a box of these.   Each box is packed with 25 monochrome coloured Thought Bubbles, with a mix of lovely positive messages and some sarcastic humour too.


Teenager Thought Bubbles can be used in loads of ways...  to slide under their bedroom door, placed on top of piled high plates, or hidden for them to find!


Here's an example of some of the captions:


  • Dirty clothes do not live here! 
  • Always here if you need me
  • Shh! Teenager sleeping (still)
  • Last chance before I change the WiFi password 
  • FYI, you do know you can leave your bedroom, right?
  • Go for it... what's the worst that can happen
  • Please take these plates down
  • You can totally do this... I believe in you!


...and many more!!


Product Specifications


  • 25 bubbles per pack 
  • Each pack comes in a white printed box
  • Available in pastel or monochrome 
  • Printed on to 350gm silk card

Teenager Thought Bubble Milestone Cards

£20.00 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price
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