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A little bit about the maker...


Hello, I’m Jenna, Founder of Bearsy And The Boy. I am based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire and I am very passionate about my small business and I have big plans for it.


I'm a Mum of two little people, Ella and Jack, they are both actually behind the name of my business, when Ella was little we called her Ella Bear, which then turned in to ‘Bearsy’. We then didn’t name Jack for 10 days, so for the first few days of his life he was lovingly referred to as ‘The Boy’. ‘Bearsy And The Boy’ came from there.


My background hasn’t always been in product development or retail, my early career was spent in events and promotions before turning to the Travel industry and spending Summer seasons working abroad, which were just the best days!!  I then worked in sales in a beautiful Spa, which made going to work every day very easy. After the Spa I spent 10 years working in Event Management, I worked for an amazing agency and was lucky enough to travel all over the Country working on incredible events and having the best adventures. However, after all that time travelling around and having two small children at home it became time for change... Starting my own business allowed me the freedom to work from home and also meet my Children's needs.

I work from my lovely home office, where I am also busy planning a Wedding and a house extension, drinking way too many cups of coffee, eating way too many biscuits and forever searching for a dog to add to our family! All while wishing I was on holiday :)

A little bit about the brand... 

Bearsy And The Boy launched in March 2018 with just one product… Baby Thought Bubbles, the alternative option to milestone cards!


Whilst on Maternity leave I had been given several packs of milestone cards but by the time I got around to using them I had missed half of the milestones. I decided to create a product which new parents could use whenever they liked, which were not led by dates / milestones. Parenthood throws up some crazy, hilarious moments and Thought Bubbles help you capture them. The captions are all very honest, super sweet and really funny (no, honestly they are, my Mum told me!).


Following on from the success of Baby Thought Bubbles I then went on to create a range of Thought Bubbles for all sorts of occasions such as Pregnancy, Weddings, Pets and Self Care (to name a few).


In 2020 I then launched a new and exciting range of pocket sized packs including Positivity cards, Lunch Box Notes and Love Notes, these are a gorgeous way to let someone know you are thinking of them. The notes are funny, sweet and positive - with some adult humour thrown in for good measure (Love Notes).


My aim is to add a little bit of happiness to a persons day in some way, shape or form, sprinkling a tiny bit of positivity all over this funny old planet of ours.   

Thanks so much for taking the time to read a bit about me and my business...

Jenna x 


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