About Us

Hello, I'm Jenna, owner of Bearsy And The Boy (the Company and the small people!).
The background....  
I started the Company whilst on Maternity leave, I had been given several packs of Milestone cards when my baby was born but by the time I got around to actually using them I had missed half of the milestones.  I decided to create a product which new parents could use whenever they felt like it, which were not led by dates / milestones, which could be used multiple times and which replaced the generic 'one week old, two week old' captions... Parenthood throws up some crazy, hilarious moments and these are way more fun to capture!  Baby Thought Bubbles were born from here. 
Since the launch of Baby Thought Bubbles the range has grown and now includes Pregnancy, Toddler, Wedding, Pet and Christmas Elf Bubbles (with lots more currently being designed).  Our Thought Bubbles offer something beautifully unique to your photos and they just happen to make the perfect gift as well :)   
The name... 
I named the Company after my two Children, Ella and Jack.  Ella gets called Ella Bear, which turned in to 'Bearsy'.   We then didn't name Jack for 10 days, so for the first few days of his life he was lovingly referred to as 'The Boy'.   'Bearsy And The Boy' was the obvious choice for me. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our website.  Please know that when you shop with Bearsy And The Boy you are buying a product that has been designed and created with love (and I will probably do a mini dance in the kitchen whenever I receive an order).
Thank you,
Jenna x
Bearsy And The Boy
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