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Lunch Box Notes

It's back to school time... who wants to send some love and support to their little ones during the school day??


Each box contains 40 gorgeous little messages, each one designed to sprinkle some happiness, positivity and support... what a lovely little surprise for your child at a time when they might just need some love from home. 


Not only does the pack contain 40 lunch box notes but flip them over and you will find loads of super cute food characters on the back.... which one will they get today... the ice cream? the watermelon? or the brocolli?  The character cards also double up as a great game of pairs or snap so they are perfect to pop in to your bag or car! 


These cards can be used in school lunch boxes, book bags, pencil cases, backpacks or even to use at home. 

Here's an example of some of the messages: 


- Be happy little one 

- Let's have fun after school 

- Thinking of you today 

- I am sooo proud of you 

- Do the right thing, even when no one is looking 

- Say YES to new adventures 

- I love you to the Moon and back 


...and loads more!! 


All of the cards are playing card sized, pastel coloured, have rounded edges and are finished with a shiny gloss so they can be wiped. 


Lunch Box Notes

£15.00 Regular Price
£13.50Sale Price
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